Customer Service in Babu88

When it comes to placing bets, it’s safe to say that all players may have questions from time to time. This is not surprising, as there are a lot of unexpected things that may happen and that you don’t have answers to. But! There is no need to worry, as there is a solution to this problem, and this solution is the support team!

The support team of Babu88 consists of great professionals and operates 24/7, meaning you can get answers to your questions in your native language at any time of day. Below, we tell you about all the contact methods of Babu88.

babu88 customer support contacts


Each player can use the emails that Babu88 provides to contact the support team. In fact, Babu88 has three different emails for different occasions. They are:

[email protected]Customer Service
[email protected]Marketing
[email protected]Affiliate

Regardless of the one you choose, each of them will greatly assist you in getting answers to your questions in no time at all.

Email Contacts

Customer Number

Some players feel more comfortable when contacting with the support team via phone number, as it is faster and easier to hear a real voice rather than wait for the text answer. However, unfortunately, we must mention that currently, Babu88 doesn’t provide players with customer care phone number, meaning you can’t contact via phone number. But rest assured that Babu88 already knows about this problem, and does everything possible to solve that problem as soon as possible.

Phone Number

Live Chat

While using Babu88, you will be able to see a yellow button on the bottom right corner. Once you click it, you are able to use Live Chat to contact the Babu88 support team. You will first be presented with the frequently asked questions, but if your question is not there, then enter your username and click “Start the chat”. Babu88’s agent will connect to you, and you will be able to ask any question you wish. It operates 24/7, which lets you ask your questions whenever you wish.

Live Chat


Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding the support team of Babu88 that players have.

Is it Possible to communicate in Bengali?

Of course! You can contact the support team of Babu88 in either English or Bengali, regardless of the contact method you choose.

I have a problem of a different nature, where can I go?

The support team of Babu88 consists of great professionals, so it doesn’t matter what kind of problem or question you have, feel free to contact the support team!

Why Should I contact the support team of Babu88?

There is no specific reason for that except getting answers to your questions. As Babu88’s support team is operating specifically to help players, it doesn’t matter what questions you have, you can safely ask them without having to worry.

Can I leave a complaint if I’m not satisfied with the support team?

Of course you can. Even though the support team is highly experienced, there may be questions that cannot be answered. In case you wish to leave a complaint, please, simply tell the support team you want to leave a complaint in the live chat. The operator will ask you about the problem, and Babu88 will consider your complaint as soon as possible.