At Babu88 we put great value on each player and strive to offer the utmost in security and protection. For this reason, we actively fight against fraudulent activities and money laundering.

Anti Fraud

You can rest assured that you are in safe hands and your personal information will not be taken by fraudsters, as we provide high and reliable data protection methods:

  • Each of our users must go through a verification process. This way you confirm your identity and the data you entered when you registered.
  • All player activity on our site is securely encrypted using SSL-secure, ensuring the safety of your details and money.
  • All financial transactions are also protected by strong encryption protocols, and suspicious transactions are additionally checked manually by Babu88’s security team. That said, we only work with reliable and verified payment systems that guarantee users the security of banking transactions, which are subsequently encrypted.

Thanks to these security methods the risk of leakage of our users’ information is minimal. Even if fraudsters manage to hack into players’ accounts, they will not be able to obtain personal information or withdraw money without a special encryption key. Moreover, withdrawals on the platform are only available to debit cards and e-wallets of account holders.

Our services at Babu88 are regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. This means that we respect and obey the laws of Bangladesh and all the actions of our users are lawful.

Our Protection Methods

Our security team regularly develops anti-fraud strategies to give our players an even higher level of protection. To this end, the following rules are observed:

  • Each of our users must go through a verification process;
  • Obligatory confirmation of personal phone number and email address by players;
  • We carry out regular spot checks on our users’ accounts;
  • Babu88 uses automatic and manual verification of all financial transactions.

Thanks to our strong security measures you can be sure your funds are safe. We also ensure that no information regarding our players is given to third parties as we follow our privacy policy. That being said, all of our players have equal rights and do not receive any special privileges.

If you should happen to witness any fraudulent activity by another player, please contact our support team regarding the matter by any means at your convenience. This will help our company Babu88 protect our players even more against misuse by cheaters.

Anti Fraud